Used Car Guide: The Best Time to Buy a Car

Used Car Guide: The Best Time to Buy a Car

Do you need a car? Rather than rushing, you should wait for the best time to buy a car. If you plan on buying a used car, here is your guide.

To “get in while the gettin’ is good” when buying a used car, timing does play an important role. You want to try to target the best time where the best deals and the least amount of competition is present. Overall, this point in time, used cars are still seeing amazing deals due to more vehicles coming off lease.

Late-model cars are absolute steals right now, and yet there’s still even more opportunities to save! If you want to hone-in on the best time to buy a car, this guide will help you find it.

The Best Time of the Year

While we can’t always pick when we go looking for a new car, there are advantages to waiting. If you can make it until the holidays, you’ll be rewarded with dealer promos that are designed to move older models in preparation for the new model year. They will start trying to promote these sales starting at the end of September and they will run until the 31st of December.

Expect lots of rebates, incentives, and factory discounts. The longer you can hold out, the bigger the deals, of course.

The Best Time of the Month

The absolute best deals come at the end of the year, but not everyone can put life on hold. If you need to purchase a car outside the holidays, the best time to buy a used car is the last day of the month. If that last day is when they’re close, then it will be the last business day.

This is because most deals and incentives that the manufacturer releases don’t arrive until the middle or end of the month. On top of that, the dealership will be pushing the hardest to meet their sales quotas. This bit of leverage can be enough to negotiate hundreds, if not thousands, if you play it right.

Used Car Buying Tips

Do your homework and figure out the MSRP price or Bluebook value, then factor in the rest for dealer profit. This way, you’re not going into the dealership blind, you can demonstrate that you know the true value. Ideally, you want to get multiple quotes.

Another very effective way of leveraging your negotiating price is to compile a list of your monthly expenses. By showing them exactly what your budget is, no estimates, they will be less inclined to assume you’re playing hardball. Having everything in black and white saves a lot of time explaining “this is out of my price range.”

A the end of the day, the dealership and the car salesman just want to hit their sales quotas. They won’t waste their time with you if you come prepared and ready to buy a car.

The Best Time of the Week

Although the last day of the month is ideal, there are times during the week that gives the best results. For example, weekends are usually when the dealership sees the most business. This is bad for you, the guy looking to get a deal.

If you appear to be hard to negotiate with, a used car dealer might just quote you once and move on. They know that time is money when the dealership is full. Your best bet is to come the day after, on Monday.

If the weekend was particularly slow, you might be able to squeeze into that last sale to hit their marks. This is a bit of a gamble, of course, so if you want to play it safe, go on a Tuesday or Wednesday. The middle of the week is the slowest time for car dealerships.

Car salesmen are going to be more willing to spend time negotiating with you, since you’ll likely be the only one there. The catch here is if you’re shopping during typical holiday vacation weeks. Obviously, a lot of other people will have the same idea on the best time to buy a car.


Best Time to Buy a Car: During Closing?

You might have read or heard from someone that the best time of day to buy a car is right before closing. The concept here is simple: catch all the employees winding down and getting ready to go home. You show up, they rush to get you in and out as fast as possible.

Flawless plan right? Wrong, actually. If the car sales staff see you coming with only 30 minutes until closing, they’ll be 1) frustrated and 2) unimpressed. They know you’ll be causing them to be late going home, unless you are already pre-qualified and know exactly which car you want.

Don’t make the salesman’s job difficult just because you’re trying to pinch a few hundred off the sticker price. Used car benefits go well beyond saving on the initial investment. Things like upgrades and repairs can cost less, because newer models come with “new” prices.

Dealerships that Go Above and Beyond!

Don’t just show up to any dealership at the end of the year, on a weekday, in the morning, and expect magic to happen. Some dealerships just don’t care about giving you the best deal, especially when they don’t specialize in used cars. Instead, rely less on tricking salespeople and more on reputation.

Check out how Clawson Truck Center stacks up to their competition. Actions and numbers speak louder than vague promises and conditional sales. Don’t settle for less, this is a buyer’s market. It’s the best time to buy a car for the foreseeable future, as long as you don’t have a preference against used.

Have your cake and a long-lasting strong truck, too! There’s no better time than now to buy a used truck with low mileage, good warranty, and excellent coverage. Stop by Clawson, if you’re in the Fresno area, and get honest deals and advice.

Don’t Forget These 5 Road Trip Essentials

Going on a road trip is one of the best ways to experience a particular region or even a whole country. These have been a tradition that is as long as automobiles and today, it is still going strong. It does not matter if the road trip is being taken by a group of friends after high school or by an elderly couple who want to see something new. In any case, these journeys are fantastic because they provide an insight not only into amazing places but also an introspective look into the person making the same trip. That is why everyone should do as many road trips as possible. Yet, these can go a lot smoother if the person or a group making them pack the right things. With these in the car or RV, any trip can go perfectly even when it comes to the practical things. Here is the list of the five road trip essentials everyone should have.

GPS Device

Having a GPS on a phone is great, but these are often connected to the same device having access to the internet. To avoid any problems in this regard, every road trip should have a GPS device. These are affordable and widespread, so no one should get lost anymore. Best of all, the device can be easily charged by the car battery adapter, making them exceedingly effective.


A road trip might include staying in hotels and motels. At other times, it might come with the use of rented homes or even a stay with friends in these distant places. Still, while all of these options are fine, everyone who embarks on a road trip should have a tent in the back of their car. With one of these and a small number of camping items, people on the road trip can ensure they can stay wherever they want.


Having sunglasses is a good idea not only to look cool but also to ensure that driving goes without the need to squint during those long and sunny daytime hours. With a pair of these, the same problem is instantaneously resolved. Also, even high-quality models do not have to cost a fortune thanks to coupons and promo codes for sunglass that can make any price a lot more affordable.

First Aid Kit

Sometimes, there can be injuries during a road trip and if they occur in isolated parts, a first aid kit can be a huge help. In fact, it can even end up being a life-saver in a handful of scenarios. That is the reason why everyone should have it, and not just the most basic version. A larger kit will come with additional medical supplies, all of which can end up more than useful.

A Good Travel Book

While the internet is great, a road trip is always better with an old-school tourist guide for the particular locations the journey will cover. Firstly, they are practical because they can be accessed at any time and anywhere. Secondly, they come with the tried and tested information that will provide to be interesting for all travelers, even decades after it has been written.

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With these items, all fans of road trips can have all of their essentials that will help the same journey be the best they ever had.

Langley Audi and BMW Winter Maintenance

Audi and BMW Langley Repairs and Maintenance

Performing car repair and preventative maintenance tasks before the snow flies are crucial to the functionality and safety of your car. Winter driving can be tricky with all the slippery roads from ice, snow, and rainfall. Salted roads or those spread with cinders are more challenging to drive on than regular asphalt and tar. Not only that, the car must work harder to warm up and get moving when it’s freezing outside. Langley Audi and BMW seasonal checkups will keep your car in better shape long term and will make it safer to drive during the winter months.

Antifreeze: The antifreeze that goes into your car’s radiator is a must during the cold season. This should be filled up with a half and half mixture of antifreeze and water. You can test this yourself with a tester that you pick up at the car supply store, or you can have your mechanic check it out for you while doing other Winter car maintenance.

Tires: Gripping slick roads is a must for car repair during this season of chilly days and nights. Having bald tires during an ice, rain or snow storm could be a catastrophe. The depth, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Board, should be deeper than 1/8″. Tire pressure should also be monitored. Pressure is lost during cold weather so they may need some additional air.

Windshield wipers and fluid: Windshield wipers wear out, and they often do it at the most inopportune times. Freezing temperatures are especially hard on the rubberized edges which may crack right off during a storm. Not only that, the salt and cinders that are dropped after the snowplow gives the streets traction but will also likely end up on your windshield and hamper visibility. Fluid reservoirs should be kept full, but it must be the proper wiper fluid. Motorists who try to save cash by using water will be sorry when everything freezes over.

Brake jobs: Brakes must work harder than ever during the chilly season. Make sure they’re in shipshape so they’ll stop your car as needed.

– Battery and spark plug: Make sure they’re cleaned up and properly connected to get you through the season.

Heater: Be sure your heater and defroster are ready to roll before the icy temperatures arrive. Test each to make sure and get everything tuned up if anything’s found to be lacking.

Before winter settles into your region, be sure your Audi, BMW, sedan, truck or SUV is ready to brave the rain, hail, snow, and sleet. Get car repair performed and made sure all preventative maintenance tasks are caught up right on schedule. Check on your antifreeze, tires, windshield wipers, brakes, batteries, spark plugs and heater to be sure they are in good condition.