How To Effectively Reduce Noise In Slot Cars

At a slot cars competition When playing with slot cars its nice to hear the engine hum to life and then roar at full speed. However there are times when the car is simply making noise than anything else. If you like playing with digital slot car racing and you experience this issue, here are some solutions.

Isolate The Problem Of The Slot Cars

In order to truly determine the cause of the excessive noise on your slot car, the cause of the noise need to be isolated. You need to determine if it is a chassis to body issue or just the chassis itself. To do this just remove the body and run the car to quickly determine if it is the case.

Detect The Noise From The Slot Cars

There should be noise whatsoever when you run the chassis without the body. If you hear some noise still then you might be dealing with the bushing on the axle and pinion shaft, gear, motor, front guide and possibly the front guide assembly. Try to remove the front wheel assemblies to see if this corrects the problem. Check the rear axle and pinion shaft bearings, as this need to be glued properly into their carriers. Remove any debris from the rear axle assembly. Check also if the motor and motor mounts are properly glued in.

If it is a gear issue the noise can be corrected by axle shimming or by simply applying a dab of paint rubbing compound directly onto the gears and then running them at low speed for two minutes. Do stop periodically so as to work the compound properly into the gears. It is important that you clean the area thoroughly afterwards using alcohol and some water.

Check the body of the Carrera slot car by shaking it completely to determine if there are any loose parts and sections. By experience the usual culprits are the headlight assemblies that are hot melt mounted or the weld may be defective. Usually, just super glue fixes the problem.

Don’t let excessive noise ruin your Carrera Slots car racing  experience; with a little fix here and there you can be back racing in no time at all.

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