How Decluttr Works in 5 Easy Pointers (+Coupon Code Inside)

The idea to make money just from decluttering your house doesn’t sound like a bad one after all. In most homes, you’ll find unused books, old CDs and DVDs, old tech items, cell phone, video games and much more just laying around on the shelves. Good news is that you can make some easy cash.

True to their slogan of ‘make room make money’, Decluttr has the solution. This is an easy and above all free service that includes free shipping on the items you have. The prices are also super competitive. Take advantage of the Decluttr coupon codes on to make the best deals especially on trade-ins. This is how it works in five easy pointers.

1. Download the App
With a Smartphone, you’ll be able to access the internet and find your way to the app store. Decluttr app is free on Google play store. Downloading this app will be the first step towards making some easy money. Here you’ll find more information in regard to the site, products, and services and you can also use the contacts provided to reach them.

2. Create an Account
You’ll need to be at least 18 years of age in order to continue using the Decluttr website. It’s also a requirement that you be a citizen of the United States or live in one of the U.S territories. Once logged in to the website, you’ll fill in your details for this account to be active. This account will help in completing an order.

3. Value Your Items
Immediately after downloading the app, your phone automatically turns your phone into a barcode reader. All you’ll have to do now is scan the QR code on the items you would want to sell. Once the phone has scanned the codes, it will automatically submit the details to the valuation engine and you’ll receive an instant offer. This means that each time an item is entered, you immediately receive a quote on how much the item is worth.

4. Box your items
Once satisfied, which you will be, and confirmed the order, pack the items that you scanned into a box. They may be phones, books, tech, Blu Rays or other staff. The items packed shouldn’t exceed 200, however, you can still pack a second one, the more you have, the more you earn.

5. Ship the Items
You will receive a free shipping label that sticks easy on the box and where to find the closest UPS dealer. Drop your box at any UPS authorized dealer or hand this to a UPS driver. This service is absolutely free. Once this is done, Decluttr will confirm the order and cut you a check for the agreed amount. The transaction may take 7-10 working days. However, for direct deposits, be sure to receive your payment the following day.

Making money from your used CDs and other stuff has never been easier. Also, this is the best way to decongest your house. Decluttr promises that there are no hidden charges or fees involved with this service. This has doubled up to be a second job to some people.